Personal Finance

The Boy Scouts of America Discover® prepaid card can be used everywhere Discover cards are accepted.

Here are ways to be prepared and manage personal finances with a Boy Scouts of America Discover prepaid card:

  • If you want a new item, consider the best way to pay for it
    Monthly payments are usually easier to handle than a complete up-front payment, but sometimes monthly payments add interest. Does it make sense to pay more for the convenience of spreading out payments?
  • Set short-term and long-term financial goals
    Figure out how much money you can spend for "fun" and how much you should set aside for important goals, perhaps to buy a car or mobile phone.
  • Keep an eye on your money
    Review your card account statement online and access the card day or night. Report any problems or questions right away, including transactions you think may be unauthorized. Quick action can limit misuse and save you money.
  • Protect your card
    If the magnetic stripe on the back of your card is damaged or demagnetized, the "swipe and buy" process cannot work. So don't expose your card to magnetic objects, dirt and grit, keys or other objects that can nick the stripe or damage the card. Also, do not lend your card to anyone else for use. The card has your name on it for a reason─safety and security!
  • Keep your PIN a secret
    Memorize your PIN, and never write it on your card or store it with your card. Do not let anyone else enter your PIN for you. Don't give your PIN over the telephone. No company or person should ever ask for your PIN, not even your bank or credit union. If you use your prepaid card to make a purchase by phone, never disclose your PIN.
  • Be smart online
    The Web is a big place, and it is not getting any safer. So be careful when shopping online─whether you're buying gifts or just adding a few features to your favorite multiplayer game persona. Look for secure transaction symbols, such as the little "lock" logo in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window and Web addresses that start with "https." Log off from a site after you complete a purchase; if you can't log off, close your browser to protect your personal information.
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